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(By Louis Toffoli

To balance employee safety and productivity, many employers have implemented strict COVID-19 restrictions in the workplace. These safety measures limit the chances of a workplace outbreak, with some workplaces being more strict than others. 

While some companies like Facebook or Twitter have introduced a fully remote working environment, others don’t have that luxury. Many of the essential businesses we need have stayed open, potentially putting employees at risk. 

This article will discuss who has the toughest COVID-19 restrictions in the United States. We will cover workplaces across different industries, each with the sole goal of creating the safest working environment possible. 

Delta Airlines 

Airplanes have little room to social distancethat’s why Delta Airlines made it their priority to create the safest flying experience possible. The passengers and the employees of this airline also go through strict testing and safety measures. 

The enforcement of masks on flights is  strict, and Delta will ban passengers and employees who refuse to adhere to this policy. Delta has also enforced a stringent policy mandating that employees quarantine for 14 days if they come in contact with coronavirus. 


Under the name CleanStay, the Hilton brand of hotels enforces strict standards for all employees. Added safety measures like contactless check-in and masks throughout the facilities are required. 

Additionally, employees must follow 

rigorous cleaning measures for all areas throughout the hotels. This hotel chain has prioritized disinfecting everything from the dishware to the guest’s rooms.


The longtime wholesale giant Costco has gone through several phases in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting in early 2020, the store has required masks for everyone inside—not granting access to those refusing. 

The staple food court of Costo has also seen some changes with no seating arrangements available and a limited menu. Each person in the store is also required to socially distance at least 6ft, with markers throughout the store. 


With operations spread worldwide, Apple has needed restrictions to help employees in all parts of the operation. Those who worked in the Apple headquarters have stayed in a remote working environment. 

However, for those working in the Apple store, social distancing and COVID-19 testing have been implemented into the workplace. The stores have also introduced limited occupancy rules and temperature readings. 

CVS Health 

CVS Health has been a frontrunner in the best COVID-19 response of any company in the United States. They have implemented both strict workplace restrictions and mental health support for all of their employees.

In the stores, there are plastic screens at the registers and strict mask enforcement for everyone. If a case has been confirmed at a CVS store location, there will be a deep cleaning following CDC guidelines. 

3M Co 

Providing PPE equipment during the pandemic has not been an easy feat for 3M. To keep up with this demand, the company has introduced enhanced safety protocols for all employees. 

These enhanced safety measures include symptom monitoring, deep cleanings in the facilities, and PPE usage. With these safety measures in place, 3M has been able to keep up with production and limit workplace outbreaks. 


When you take a stroll through a Target store near you, it is apparent that they are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. Employees must wear masks, stand behind a screen. The company even provides Lyft rides for employees to get to vaccination centers. 

All fees associated with getting the vaccine are covered by the store franchise, creating a safe environment for all members. This is a truly unique move by Target, and it is making them a great example of workplace protection. 

HCA Holdings

As a major medical industry company, HCA Holdings is responsible for creating a safe environment for both patients and employees. There is a clear focus on PPE for all employees as per CDC guidelines. 

HCA Holdings also encourages that everyone gets tested frequently and will pay 100% of an employee’s salary if they test positive for the virus. These strict standards have limted the positive cases. 


Like CVS Health, the drugstore Walgreens has also enforced strict workplace restrictions for all of its employees. Health screenings are often used for each employee to assess their current health status. 

The health screenings are testament to the fact that Walgreens is proactive in stopping any potential cases. Furthermore, the use of facemasks is a huge focus for both the employees and customers. 


The phone service provider has made it critical that their employees are protected in the stores and up-to-date on all of the latest news. In a frequently updated newsletter, the Verizon brand shares updates on the latest methods of preventing the virus’s spread. 

The company also recommends that employees maintain the same pairing when riding together in a vehicle. By keeping employees paired together, the store reduces the risk of spread to other people.  


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