Want to Retain Your Employees? Why Providing Health Benefits is the Best Strategy - Zupnick Associates

(by Slava Darozhkin)

Are you a business owner? Are you always searching for highly talented employees? If yes, then you probably have well laid out strategies that you use to attract and hire new prospective employees.

Whether it involves outlining job requirements, conducting in-depth interviews and training, many companies channel lots of resources to get the best talents to work for them.

Despite all the money and time invested during the hiring and recruiting process, one critical step is usually neglected by almost all employers, especially those running small companies.

Employee Retention

Employers and HR always tend to overlook and forget formulating and implementing strategies designed to ensure employee retention.

Employee retention strategies are just as important as the recruitment process. Unfortunately, many employers aren’t aware of how important employee retention is today, when good talent is increasingly harder to find.

Provide Employees With Health Benefits

Providing your employees with health benefits can be considered one of the most prominent factors that affect employee attraction and retention.

Not providing enough employee health care benefits is one of the most expensive business mistakes you can make. Indeed, cutting back on your health benefits means many talented potential employees will end up working for your competitors. 

To put things into perspective for you, according to a study conducted by Accenture, more than 75% of employees consider health benefits as a vital reason for remaining in their current workplace.

Furthermore, the study shows that nearly a third of employees would jump ship if they lost their health insurance.

Another survey, conducted by Glassdoor and Randstad concluded that employee benefits plus salary are the main attraction for employees.

Investing in Employee Retention Will Add to Your Bottom Line

According to these figures, it is evident that the cost of providing health insurance to employees directly impacts the turnover and productivity of a company. Always bear in mind that proper retention of employees not only evades costs incurred in re-hiring and retaining employees but also has a  positive impact on the productivity and morale of your staff. 

Employee satisfaction is more important to a company’s productivity and cannot be compared in any way to the meager cost companies incur when providing their employees with health benefits.

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