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Onboard New Hires with Custom Made Insurance Videos

Integrating new hires into big businesses is an expensive part of annual employee turnover. Today employees see benefits and health insurance as critical components of their job … sometimes valuing it as much as their income.

However, enrolling new hires in their insurance policies is often one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of onboarding. It’s also one of the most critical, in terms of making their experience in your corporation a satisfying one.

You can make the process less expensive and time-consuming by using tailor-made insurance videos to show new hires how to select from their insurance benefit options and enroll in those they would like to receive.

Custom Made Insurance Videos Cut Onboarding Costs

Employers in the US spend an average $4,129 to onboard a new hire, reported the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s) new Human Capital Benchmarking Report. Integrating that employee from a candidate through the point of filling the position takes an average of 42 days.

For a big business with 500 full-time equivalents (FTEs) and a turnover rate of 10%, onboarding can amount to more than $206,000 a year. Business with higher turnover rates, such as those in fields related to technology, retail, consumer products, media, and entertainment, can expect higher annual onboarding costs.

When new hires use a training video to enroll on their own they engage directly with their policy platform. That means that your HR staff can concentrate on other work, saving your business hours and dollars.

Educational Insurance Enrollment Videos: Increased Versatility

When you decide to onboard new hires with custom made insurance videos, your HR staff and new hires have more versatility. New employees can view them on any computer or even on their cellphones.

Help your human resource team use its time more efficiently. Get them to onboard new hires with custom made insurance videos. A responsible insurance broker can design them for your business’s specific benefits package and enrollees.  

Easily Onboard New Hires with Custom Made Insurance Videos

When your insurance broker provides you with custom made insurance videos curated just for your large company, beginning staff members can easily choose their insurance benefits and enroll themselves in your company’s insurance benefits programs.

A qualified broker can design step-by-step videos about insurance benefits and enrollment to fit the exact packages that your business offers. You can get a video made just for your employees.  

Custom-Made Video About Health Care Programs: Belonging

When employees all speak the same language, they understand each other better. Understanding and sharing help them feel more united as a team.

If you onboard new hires with custom made insurance videos, you ensure that every new employee gets exactly the same benefits onboarding experience and knowledge. They will feel more comfortable engaging with their benefits and communicating with co-workers and health care providers.

Custom Videos on Insurance Increase Perceived Value

Helping new hires understand their benefits shows them that you are interested in their well-being. It shows that you care for the health and future of them and their families.

Trained employees perceive benefit value and understand it as a reason to work proactively. That means better retention for you.

When employees clearly understand their healthcare benefits they address of health problems before they become critical. That means healthier, happier employees for your big business.

Insurance Videos from Your Insurance Broker:

Today, corporate benefits are as important to recruiting and retaining staff as their pay level. Although almost 40% North American organizations budget for benefits communication, only 19% say that their employees understand their benefits packages, according to a 2016 Benefits Communication Survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP).


Help your new hires understand their benefits with custom training videos. They will be more likely to open, read, and understand their insurance communications materials and perceive the value of their benefits. Informed employees are happy employees and productive coworkers.

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