The Importance of Accident Coverage in the Workplace - Zupnick Associates

Why Should I Have Accident Insurance?

The one and only guarantee we have in life (besides for death) is that accidents happen. More often than not, accidents are unforeseen mishaps that range astronomically in level of disaster. You’ve built or managed your company, put your energy, focus, and did your best, and still, you know that accidents will happen. It can be a small accident or a devastating one, but regardless of how bad it seems, amendments must be made. To help deal with these, it is almost always necessary to have accident coverage. 

As an employer, your employees are at risk of being at the receiving end of the accidents more often than not, and usually cannot pay for the outcome. Not properly cared for by their employers, many injured employees see suing the company as their only option. That, and that alone, is the biggest reason for having accident insurance.

What Does Accident Insurance Cover?

For the workplace, accident risks vary based on industry, preparedness, and training. Of course our first recommendation is to be fully compliant with all safety regulations and constantly update your employees’ safety training. While accidents are still prone to happen, your preparedness can prevent the accident from being catastrophic, or lasting.

When the accident does happen, your coverage will once again depend on your industry, (your mitigating risk factors,) and the extent of damage. It will also vary based on the insurance company you are covered with. With our help, your company will be covered for all possible altercations, but the following are basic levels of coverage any business should be armed with.

  • Initial care – Some, but not all plans, cover transportation, as well as the initial care. Initial care includes the emergency needs that come first and foremost.

  • Required testing & diagnostics – Often there are X-rays or other imaging involved in discovering what the accident resulted in. Your plan should cover, at the very least, minimum diagnostics.

  • Hospitalization – Staying in the hospital to recuperate may not feel like a hotel stay but it will run a bill higher than a four-star suite. Your employees are often unable to avoid staying there and meeting these demands.

  • Treatment – Medication or surgeries usually follow a bad accident. Your plan should cover, at the very least, parts of the treatment require.

  •  Aftercare – Being out of work or making alternative plans in the face of  a large-scale disaster often leaves families bereft in the face of new schedules and new needs. Most plans cover some help with the aftercare, with qualifying claims.

Last but not least, arm yourself with an experienced and well-connected brokerage like Zupnick and Associates to ensure your employees are insured with the best of the best and aren’t left looking for desperate ways to make ends meet.

Can I Add It To My Existing Plans?

Especially with the help of a brokerage like ours, you always have the option of adding parts to your plan. If everything else is rock solid in your plan, but accident coverage is the only thing missing, you’ll want a company that has the skill the implement new packages without disturbing your current status.

Like ours. 

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