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(by Andres Rojas)

Open enrollment is a slow, cumbersome task. Each year your company loses valuable time and money while HR explains benefits changes to your employees. But what if we told you that open enrollment can be much easier? 

Big employers across all industries are using technology to cut costs, save time, and increase efficiency. So, why are your HR and benefits managers still stuck in old-fashioned benefits meetings?

Here at Zupnick and Associates, we have developed the perfect cure for your annual open enrollment pains.

Make Open Enrollment Education as Easy as Pressing ‘Play’

Though HR workers are always chronically overworked, January can often bring things to a crisis level. Indeed, the start of the year is when HR must take care of critical tasks like payroll adjustments, tax reporting, and benefits enrollment. 

Unfortunately, having to explain benefits minutia to every employee means other critical tasks get put on the back burner. That’s why every hour that an HR worker spends explaining your workers’ benefits hurts both the department’s productivity and your bottom line.

Our easy open enrolment communications, on the other hand, can break down the ABCs of your benefits without using your limited HR resources or hurting your employees’ education.

Save Money on Benefits Education without Cutting Corners

Educating your employees on what benefits they’re eligible for is a complicated task. Usually, HR and benefits managers can choose from two approaches: do one big conference with all the staff or multiple smaller meetings with different groups of workers.

Unfortunately, neither of them are cost-effective ways to explain your employee benefits. By comparison, our recording videos can fully educate your workers without needing HR’s expensive supervision. 

Instead of having HR answer the same questions each year, our customized sample communications can sum up all the information your employees need to pick the best benefits packages for them. 

Whether they just got married, pregnant, or are nearing retirement, our videos empower your employers and allow them to make informed decisions about their benefits.

Get the Job Done Without the Hassle of Scheduling Meetings

On-site meetings are inefficient and an unnecessary risk during the Covid era. Our videos do away with unnecessary face-to-face events, freeing HR resources that are better spent elsewhere.

Better yet, since our open enrollment videos can be customized for a particular group, position, or individual, you can save countless man-hours – and the money that entails. 

Our videos are hosted on your platform, so employees can access them in their spare time without any additional cost for your company. 

Furthermore, if your employees don’t understand the information the first time, they can re-watch the video as many times as they need. Good luck matching that level of convenience with on-site meetings!

Maximize your Benefits Education with Our Sample Communications

Ask yourself this question: why do HR managers need to answer the same questions each year? The answer is: they don’t.

Having your HR and/or benefits manager in a conference doesn’t guarantee your employees will come out better educated on their benefits than they came in. 

If anything, it only means your employees will idle in their seats listening to a bunch of information that doesn’t concern them. Meanwhile, nobody is doing any work and you’re losing money.

Custom videos, on the other hand, allow employees to only view the subjects that matter to them.

Is an employee expecting a baby? Then he/she can watch videos about pregnancy and parental leave. Is an employee nearing retirement? There are videos about that too.

As you can see, tailor-made videos make for easy open enrollment communications.

Learn How to Make Easy Open Enrollment Communications Today

Open enrollment doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. Our online benefits managers can help you smooth out open enrollment by creating informative, customized videos that both your employees and HR will love.

So contact Zupnick and Associates today, and let us take the burden of open enrollment off your shoulders.

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