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Popular Wellness Programs You Will See in 2020

By August 1, 2019June 10th, 2021No Comments

(By Elton Mwangi)

How many employees have quit your workplace this month? Did they ask for a pay rise? How many of them looked stressed before leaving? Do you have any popular wellness programs in the workplace?

The wellness of your staff will determine their lifespan in your organization. The better your employees feel while they work for you, the longer they will stay in your firm. But if employees are constantly worrying about meeting deadlines, getting the next pay, paying off their student loans, and struggling to be in shape, then they will eventually leave for an organization that solves these problems for them.

Here are six popular wellness programs you are likely to see next year.

1.  Popular Wellness Programs on Transgender Health

According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, almost 30 percent of employers are providing transgender-inclusive health benefits. These benefits include subsidies for cosmetic procedures like Adam’s apple reduction procedure, mastectomy, and electrolysis.

The rising awareness of LGBT rights has enabled transgender inclusiveness both in society and inside organizations. Therefore, employers are seeing the value of offering LGBT employee benefits.

2.  Popular Wellness Programs on Debt Repayment

Student loans in the US stand at a staggering $1.5 trillion. The average student has an educational loan of $42,000. This has been a menace in the US as students have been struggling to clear the debt for decades.

However, firms are stepping in to help their employees clear the debt and boost their productivity. Some companies are matching the employees’ 401(k) contributions with student loan repayments. But others are paying student loan debts in exchange for their staff’s transfer of as much as five days of paid time off.

3.    Popular Wellness Programs on Personal Finance

According to a PwC study, money is the cause of stress in 60 percent of employees. After money follows issues related to work, relationships, and health. Everyone, including you and me, have had to worry about money, and that is why this is understandable.

About 25 percent of employees want to be counseled on financial wellness by an unbiased 3rd party. Research by Paycor shows that all age groups want financial wellness.

So the question is: how do you improve the financial wellbeing of your employees, relieve them from stress, and boost their productivity? Financial wellness programs are cropping up to offer solutions that assist your employees in paying off student loans, saving, and managing their funds better.

4.  Yoga Classes

Research by Monster.com shows that 42 percent of employees have changed their jobs as a result of job-related stress.

Employees are constantly rushing to meet deadlines and work overtime. Hence, job-related stress is experienced by many such employees.

But yoga has the solution to this problem, which makes it one of the emerging popular wellness programs . The exercise focuses on meditation and stretch exercises, both of which assist in relieving stress from the mind and body. Because organizations recognize the benefits of yoga to their team members, they are converting their rooftops and conference rooms into yoga dens.

5.  Power-Naps

Sleep deprivation costs the US economy about $411 billion annually. This is because employees who are sleepy at work cannot focus and are less productive, which is a cost to the company.

However, companies like Facebook and Zappos offer nap rooms for their employees to sleep at work whenever they feel the need to recharge. A power-nap, especially after lunch, can allow an employee to gain energy and offer twice the productivity they would have provided on a regular day.

6.  Paramedical Services

Offering paramedical services is one of the top popular wellness programs. Whether they have health, money, or work-related stress, a good massage can help decrease stress in employees.

A company like Google has employed 35 massage therapists as part of their wellness program.

What’s the Conclusion?

Workplace wellness is not just a trend that attracts top talent to your organization. It also improves the welfare of staff while offering you high returns on your investment.

Employees who have a high quality of life are likely to be more productive than those who have stress related to their health, work, sexuality, or finances.

That is why a one-off investment, such as a nap room, is so crucial. While other popular wellness programs like hiring a massage therapist might feature regular expenses, the investment will be worthwhile.

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