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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says it’s time to reconnect and honor! Of course, that means that it is time for the NYC SHRM Annual Chapter Meeting 2020.

About SHRM

The HR population, worldwide, consists of more than 115 million workers and their families. SHRM, as an organization, aims to create better workplaces for them.

It promotes employer/employee strength through togetherness. Performing as an expert voice for HR, the Society leads HR professionals on workplace issues.

It consists of more than 300,000 HR and business executive members, and they come from 165 countries. SHRM states its purpose, mission, and vision as follows:

Our purpose is to elevate the HR profession. Our mission is to empower people and workplaces by advancing HR practices and by maximizing human potential. Our vision is to build a world of work that works for all.


Its member publication, HR Magazine, “is the largest circulated, most closely read HR publication in the world.” The Society gears it toward high-level HR decision-makers and executive-level HR subscribers. This award-winning publication provides readers with in-depth insights, analysis, and viewpoints on the HR world.

The Society suggests looking to its website for news about SHRM. Finally, it refers to its 2019 Annual Report for information about its recent accomplishments.

Aside from its national website, SHRM has a New York Chapter page. It contains information from the NYC SHRM Leadership Team. It also streams Twitter tweets from @NYCSHRM and reports in its “Latest News and Blog” feed. And, of course, it posts calendar events of the NYC SHRM.

NYC SHRM Annual Chapter Meeting 2020 to Take Place Online

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed meeting rules worldwide. But, SHRM will come through in 2020.

This year, the chapter plans to cover “Leadership Lessons from Combat to COVID.” And, appropriately, the Society has scheduled this year’s meeting online.

The Chapter will meet at its virtual location on Tuesday, June 16th, at 8:30 am. Meeting organizers have the meeting scheduled through 11:00 am. They have entitled the annual meeting “Time to Connect…and Honor! NYC SHRM Annual Chapter Meeting.”

This meeting follows its Wednesday, June 10, 12:00 – 1:00 pm webinar, “Leading through Crisis.” The annual meeting will feature the Executive Director of the Office of Professional Development, of the New York Police Department, Fred Tanner, as the keynote speaker.

It will provide opportunities for HR professionals to connect with each other. In addition, it will feature a review of Society accomplishments for the year and insight toward continued actions.

Finally, SHRM will celebrate its volunteer leader award honorees as part of the ceremony. Meeting organizers suggest that attendees BYOB (bring your own breakfast) to the virtual Chapter Awards Meeting.

Participation costs $35 for guests, $25 for SHRM members, and $10 for students and in-transition participants. Individuals can register for the meeting on the Society website, at

Subsequent Meetings of the SHRM

In addition, to its annual meeting, SHRM hosts several webinars during the following weeks, through July 7th. They include …

NYC SHRM Annual Chapter Meeting 2020

The NYC SHRM Annual Chapter Meeting 2020, like previous annual meetings, presents opportunities for learning, sharing, and meeting. This year’s online format should make it a unique opportunity to meet other HR and benefits pros. In addition, because it falls in times of the pandemic, it provides excellent post-COVID leadership information.

The NYC SHRM is all about meeting other New York HR professionals and exchanging ideas. It also comes at an exciting time, in terms of follow-up for new members and unique webinars. 

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