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(by Elton Mwangi)


You’ve just found Henry on Glassdoor looking for companies that are great for parent employees, which puzzles you because you have for-parents employee benefits. Then it just hits you: you didn’t know Henry is a parent.

Having critical information, such as the stage of life they’re in, is significant for covering your team sufficiently.

You want Henry to have access to childcare stipends that you offer in your benefits program. But how does that happen if you didn’t know that he is a dad?

There’s more to gain from gathering intelligence about your staff. You can leverage your employees’ strengths better, train them on their weaknesses, and more.

These strategies will help you know your staff a tad better, ensuring a longer, and healthier relationship for both of you.


Hang Out After Work

Do you like to get a drink occasionally after work? Kill two birds with one stone by doing it with your employees. Spending time with them outside the office allows you to know them. Such an informal setting will enable them to let you in, telling you about their families, personal ambitions, and more.

Activities like soccer or football bring out the personalities of the players. You’ll be able to tell who is aggressive, relentless, calculating, or collected. Therefore, forming a sports team and participating in sports events regularly will allow you to know your staff in and out.

Have One-on-one Meetings

Heart-to-heart conversations have a wealth of information that you can leverage for your employee benefits program. Schedule a meeting with individual employees to talk about:

  • Work
  • Whether they’re stressed or happy
  • What benefits appeal to them
  • Hobbies and interests

These meetings enable you to show your interest in your employees, which makes them open up and tell you more critical information.

Allow your employees to drive the meeting and make the meetings personal. Otherwise, you won’t get critical information. Save company updates and team-wide concerns for team meetings and stick to employee issues. 

Employ Specialized HR Systems

As head of the business, it might be difficult to know all your employees, and that’s where specialized HR systems come in. A proper system allows employees to submit feedback regularly. Depending on the information they submit, they can either use their names or do it anonymously.

Specialized HR systems enable employees to have a bigger role in managing their information while promoting accuracy.

Implement an Open-Door Policy

An open-door policy encourages employees to visit your office whenever they need to share something with you, giving you all the ammunition you need for effective employee benefits. Even better is keeping snacks in your office for these kinds of sessions so that they can stay longer and share more during their visits.

Consequently, managers can know what is happening in the office daily.

An open-door policy is more than leaving your office door open to your staff. It would help if you made your team members feel comfortable shuffling in and out of your office.

Carry Out Personality Tests

There are dozens of personality tests online that you can give to your team, allowing you to know each team member’s approach to conflict resolution, communication style, and working style. Most importantly, you’ll be able to know what motivates each staff member, giving you a better idea of practical benefits.

Here are sample personality test questions:

  • Do you enjoy social gatherings?
  • Do you enjoy helping others?
  • Are you easily discouraged?
  • Do you like to travel?

Numerous questions can offer insight into your team.

Have Regular Team Building Activities

Company-wide team-building activities not only increase productivity and boost creativity but also create an opportunity for company leaders to know their employees better. The setting allows you to interact with your employees informally and know more about their personal lives.

Trust is a crucial factor in communication that these events help foster. That’s why team-building activities are so effective at assisting employees in opening up to their leaders. Consider activities such as:

  • Virtual murder mystery
  • Shark tank mockup
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Office trivia


Regardless of the strategy you use, people skills are essential for getting information about your employees. You don’t want it to sound like an interview, and you don’t want to get too personal.

Be cordial with them, and keep in mind that anything they tell you is valuable data for your benefits strategy. If they say they’re thinking about advancing their education, you’ll know they’re perfect for college assistance.

So, get on with that team-building event you’ve been putting off, carry out personality tests, or take your staff out for lunch to cover them better!

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