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As COVID-19 spread across the planet, the healthcare industry faced unprecedented confusion. Questions arose, and the insurance industry helped sort it out. Now, with insurance companies extending COVID care, policyholders have more options.

Just like the government, providers sought to prevent the accelerated spread of the virus. That meant ensuring their members with access to testing, prevention, and treatment for Coronavirus. Here are some ways insurance companies have taken action:

Activating Emergency Plans

Novel problems call for novel solutions. And, insurance providers have responded. Companies, such as Aetna (CVS Health) and Anthem, have activated emergency plans in response to the pandemic. The updates have included testing, prevention, and treatment assistance.

Coverage for Coronavirus Testing

For example, initially, healthcare providers had trouble providing adequate testing. Insurance providers reacted to address the critical nature of testing and slow the spread of the virus. In response, Aetna has waived co-pays for COVID-19 diagnostic testing. And, Anthem covers the cost of coronavirus testing 100%.

Insurance Companies are Extending COVID Care Telemedicine

Both companies provide suggestions in tune with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). For example, they suggest using telehealth as much as possible. And, Anthem backs it up by offering zero co-pay telemedicine visits for any reason.

Using virtual appointments helps prevent the spread of the virus. By helping patients eliminate physical contact with the clinic, it minimizes risk.

In the case of Anthem, it provides telehealth via LiveHealth Online. Not only can patients talk to the doctor about their symptoms, but they can get informed. Physicians provide health and prevention information from the comfort of their home or office.

The company offers LiveHealth Online as a part of its health plan benefit. Even non-members can utilize it as a cost-effective healthcare option.

Extended Care for COVID-19 Sufferers

Insurance companies are extending COVID care for those infected with Coronavirus. For example, Aetna initiated its Healing Better program.

With it, members diagnosed with the virus receive a COVID-19 care package. It contains CVS over-the-counter medications for symptomatic relief. And, that is not all. To protect everyone, it also contains supplies for household cleaning and personal hygiene.

Providing Information & Suggestions

Insurance providers understand the role of customer satisfaction in policyholder loyalty. Long ago they discovered the importance of providing their members with information to help them reap the benefits of their insurance.

And, they were quick to follow through when the COVID-19 curve began to climb. Today, some of the most useful and readable information online comes from insurance providers.

Many insurance policyholders have never been personally hit by a pandemic, and they need to know what to do. Insurers have reached out to both members and non-members worldwide.

Like many healthcare insurance providers, both Aetna and Anthem have online COVID-19 information. Aetna’s website, for example, includes an FAQ, “Coronavirus Questions Answered,” with public access. It also provides members with easy-to-read information about its extra benefits related to Coronavirus. That appears on its “Coronavirus: We’re Here to Help” page.

Some companies have made extended efforts to reach out to members. For example, Aetna has made it a policy to provide additional information to high-risk members. Its care managers advise them about testing and protecting themselves, as well as getting information about Coronavirus.

90-day Maintenance Medication Supply

Aside from encouraging virtual medical visits, insurance providers encourage members to minimize exposure. Many now incentivize them to switch to 90-day pharmaceutical benefits. They suggest that patients ask their doctor to change their 30-day prescription to a 90-day supply.

The longer supply period reduces physical visits to pharmacies. In addition, insurers have partnered up with home delivery pharmacies to further reduce exposure.

Learn About Insurance Companies Extending COVID Care

Insurance providers have stepped up to the COVID pandemic. They have not only taken care of their members with emergency plan updates. But, they have also taken actions critical to fighting the virus within the community.

By ensuring that each provider’s members have ready access to a COVID diagnosis, defense, and treatment plan, they are helping flatten the curve. To learn more about how your insurance has adapted to help fight COVID, contact your insurance broker.

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