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(By Louis Toffoli)


If the Great Resignation and / Remote Working mandates are on your mind, consider how to improve employee retention while remote working, specifically. We compiled a few tips to help. 

Remember, remote employees can feel a lack of engagement in their professional lives, increasing the employee turnover rate. If you want to keep the best remote employees, you need to get creative to improve remote retention. 

Keeping remote employees fulfilled with their jobs should be a top priority for businesses. Here are four practical ways to improve employee retention for any business looking to retain top talent employees. 

  1. Offer Flexible Working Hours

One of the biggest perks of remote working is flexibility. Many employees prefer remote working to a traditional work environment because they have more control. To improve employee retention, you should offer more flexible working hours. 

While it’s necessary to schedule meetings that employees must attend, some employees also have responsibilities outside of work. Allowing someone to take off work for an hour during the day to attend a doctor’s appointment will improve retention. 

According to a 2018 study conducted by IWG, 80% of respondents would choose a job with flexible work hours over one that did not. If you want to improve the retention rate of top talent for your business, you must offer flexible hours. 

  1. Implement Voluntary Benefit Programs

Employers that offer benefits programs are more likely to retain employees. 78% of employees reported they would be more likely to stay with an employer that offered voluntary benefits programs. 

At the core of every voluntary employee benefits program should be a health and wellness program for remote employees. Providing support for employees to live a healthier life will make for happier and more productive workers.

Some of the most popular health and wellness options that you can offer employees are: 

  • Gym Membership Reimbursement
  • Smoking Cessation Programs 
  • Mental Health and Stress Reduction Help
  • Nutrition Education Classes

These are only a few of the most common options offered by employers, but you can get more creative depending on your business. If you work in a field that attracts competitive workers, a wellness challenge among employees can be enjoyable. 

  1. Create a Remote Community

When businesses switched to remote working at the start of the pandemic, they quickly realized the importance of a community environment. Employees need to feel part of a team, and remote working has additional challenges. 

As a business, you should strive to take the company culture of a standard office online with your team. Encouraging communication throughout the workday is crucial for creating an inclusive community remotely. 

Add remote members of your business to a chat platform like Slack or Microsoft Teams for communicating. Along with creating a team environment, you can create fun events for your workers. 

Hosting an online happy hour or holiday party is a fun way to replace the standard office parties for remote workers. Once employees feel a part of the team, you will see decreased employee turnover. 

  1. Invest in Training and Development 

People want to feel like they are progressing in their careers and improving at their work. By investing in training and development materials, you give employees the tools to do their best for your business. 

Whether it’s personal coaching or self-learning materials, you should make an effort to invest in your employees. Your employees will appreciate the additional training and help them with career advancement. 

Some of the most effective tools for helping remote employees advance in their careers are: 

  • Online Training Programs
  • Coaching
  • Online Lectures

According to Gallup, there was a 59% lower turnover rate when a business offered training and development. Employees will have a greater sense of value within an organization and see a future with your business. 


As we adjust to a work environment that is becoming more remote-friendly, there are some necessary changes for businesses. Making remote employees feel engaged and appreciated within a business is challenging, but it can be done through the methods in this article.

Recreating the community atmosphere online and offering voluntary benefits will help improve remote retention. Lastly, ask for feedback from current remote employees on what can be improved to help support them.

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