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(by Slava Darozhkin) defines HR duties as such: “Their work, which is often decidedly administrative in nature, involves documenting grievances, terminations, absences, performance reports, and compensation and employee benefits information. Beyond administrative duties, however, HR assistants are also often involved in recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.”

This is the most understated definition of the century.

HR Manages Everything Related to a Company’s Human Capital

HR duties extend far past documenting. Indeed, that’s usually the least of their concerns. HR representatives have the unique responsibility of keeping containers full of adult human beings civil and at peace with one another – while still somehow keeping themselves from becoming utter pariahs. 

While documenting grievances may be the bulk description of their duties, their work is consumed primarily with office politics and the varying sensitivity needs. A badly handled HR case could easily – and has – destroyed entire firms; their responsibility is not to be reckoned with.

HR’s Actions Can Make or Break a Company’s Reputation

Uber, Google, Amazon… with each new scandal that arises, more people need to be replaced, more lessons are learned, and more money is lost. Companies with employees – especially companies that are expanding with a growing employee base – watch these stories closely, not wanting to be the next sacrificial lamb. 

But, no matter how hard you try, there’s no replacing the people that are trained to handle disgruntlement that can lead to national or international shame. For example, when the sexism at Uber was exposed, it was also revealed that their HR department had been downplaying and dismissing the allegations being brought forward. 

Now, whether they were directed or hinted at to behave this way is irrelevant. A better HR team would understand that their obligations transcend pedestrian emotions that involve the ego; they know they must transcend the office politics to defend the innocent and address issues according to the law, not according to whom they’ll appease.

But such valuable employees – employees that act as warriors to the defenseless, warriors that are defending your business from rotting from the inside out, protecting it from itself – these employees come at a cost that supersedes a dollar sign.

Don’t Just Tell Your Employees That You Care, Show Them

We understand that small companies rely heavily on every bit of income, so we don’t propose a health benefits package that will cripple the company and be entirely counter productive. Instead, we propose further examining reimbursement options that are fully customizable and tax exempt, like QSEHRA.

We talk about the importance of HR giving employees the opportunity to invest in themselves properly, and why it makes financial sense for your company. We talk about the daily experiences of an HR employee and how they stoically must defend the law so you might offer more compensation in your packages that would address the very need specifically these employees desire: to be treated as human beings. 

By offering health benefit reimbursements, you’re telling your new employees that their health and comfort matter to you, that they matter to you.

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