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(By Saad Imran)


Today, more than 12 months have passed since the start of the pandemic. While many businesses are reopening, a recent survey showed that 82% of company leaders plan on letting their employees continue working from home. 

There’s no doubt that allowing your employees to work from home has a lot of benefits. (A study conducted by Stanford University showed that working from home can increase productivity by 13%.)

However, there’s also the probability that working from home can cause your employees not to feel connected with the company, which may have a negative effect on their morale. You can prevent this from happening by taking steps to maintain your company culture, even in a remote workplace.

Before we discuss how to do that, let’s first understand why a nurturing company culture is important for your business. 


Why is Company Culture Important?

  1. Having a strong company culture directly impacts overall employee engagement, motivation, and productivity levels. A study showed that 73% of employees are more likely to exhibit their best performance in a positive work culture. If your team feels that they are making a significant difference with their work, they will be more passionate about what they do.
  2. A well-functioning company culture allows you to hire the top talent in your industry. One survey showed that company culture is 24% important for job-seekers, and 15% of them will not proceed with a job offer if they do not like the organization’s ethos. 
  3. Nurturing a positive and supportive company culture is also important for employee retention. According to a study, if employees do not like their organization’s culture, they are 24% more likely to quit their job.  If you want your employees to improve their decision-making, you should make sure that your company culture is well-aligned with your brand values. It will give them a framework to refer back to, while making a decision.
  4. Developing a good company culture requires showing genuine appreciation for t your employees work, promoting self-care among them, reminding them of the purpose they are working for, and taking steps to make them feel connected. 


Steps You Can Take to Maintain Company Culture in a Remote Workplace 

You can take the following steps to maintain company culture while your employees are working remotely:

  • Communicate your values more effectively. From the start, be very clear to your employees about your goals and expectations. Welcome any feedback they might have and encourage them to share their grievances. Provide a document that highlights your company values and communication guidelines and ask your employees torread it. This will ensure that they are on the same page as you, and they will work more effectively.
  • Reward employees who reflect your values. A little appreciation and reward during team meetings for employees who perform well will go a long way. According to a study conducted in 2018, recognition of your employees’ good performance has a positive effect on their overall engagement and productivity. 
  • Organize virtual activities for your employees. Holding fun virtual events like happy hour or game nights will help your employees unwind from work-related stress and improve their focus and concentration. These events will also make them feel connected, and less isolated while working remotely.
  • Support and empathize with your employees. We all are going through unprecedented times. One study showed that employees who work from home may have higher stress levels. 


Don’t forget how important it is to maintain a healthy company culture for employees who are working from home. If your remote workers are failing to deliver on their tasks, it may be because they feel their company is letting them down. Improve this, and you’ll see improved retention, as well. 

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