Getting High-Risk Life Insurance? What You Need to Know - Zupnick Associates

(by Slava Darozhkin)

We all need life insurance to safeguard the future of our loved ones financially. Many of us, however, take our lives for granted, life can be a precarious affair especially for those who like to live life to the max.

Do you have a dangerous profession? Or maybe you possess risky lifestyle habits or a debilitating health condition – then you may be considered as high risk. If this is a description of your life and you don’t have a life insurance plan, then it is high time you learn more about high-risk life insurance.

Choosing a life insurance plan is not as easy as it looks; usually, rates vary according to your various lifestyle choices, financial stability, and other factors. Before picking out a suitable plan, you need to perform a self-assessment of your life and figure out whether there are factors that increase your chances of dying before your expected life expectancy.

What Is High-Risk Life Insurance?

High-risk life insurance is a life insurance plan specially tailored for those individuals whose lives possess more significant risks to insure.

The various categories many insurance companies consider as high risk include:

  • High-risk professions: Yes! The kind of work you do can increase the possibility of being categorized into a higher risk category. Examples of such occupations include firefighting, underground mining, and underwater welding.

  • High-risk hobbies: You may be working in a pretty safe work environment, but practice dangerous hobbies in your spare time. People who enjoy skydiving, racing and scuba diving may be categorized as high risk.

  • High-risk habits: Your daily habits and lifestyle choices are also very important in determining your risk factor. Habits such as smoking might place you at a higher risk.

  • High-risk diseases:  Your health condition is also crucial. Diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimers, and diabetes are all considered risky by insurers.

If you are considered a risky person, do not worry, there are many insurance companies that provide high-risk life insurance coverage. This means you can get life insurance regardless of your work, lifestyle choice, hobbies, or illnesses.

There are a myriad of variables insurance companies use to decide whether you qualify for a high-risk life insurance policy. It is advisable to consult with your insurance company to know more about getting life insurance. Your Insurance company will assist you in finding the coverage that suits you perfectly.

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