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2020 has been tough on small businesses, and tough times call for expert allies. Zupnick & Associates wants to see the working community back on its feet. So, they are offering free business insurance consultations to small businesses. This year’s COVID-crushed economy sets the scene for the perfect moment to make new contacts with experienced experts on business coverage!

Even before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Eliezer Zupnick and his staff stove to fit clients with best coverage for their needs. Now, more than ever, business owners need help to rise from beneath the crisis curve. Optimum insurance selection protects your valuable human and material assets.

Why Z&A for Free Business Insurance Consultations?

Zupnick & Associates, through its free business insurance consultations, has helped countless businesses through tough times. You can bet that its agents have already provided free guidance to other enterprises like your own. Made up of New Yorkers, the Zupnick team knows business insurance, employee benefits, and business protection like no one else.

While Zupnick agents handle many kinds of insurance, including policies for individuals, they focus on small businesses. And, what better time than during the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic to talk about insurance protection for a safe recovery?

A History of Tri-State Business Insurance

Zupnick & Associates has formally served the Tri-State area for a few years now. Even better, Eliezer Zupnick has worked with New York City customers for decades.

Hence, Tri-State small business owners trust him for health, life, dental, and voluntary protection. The Zupnick team understands New York area clients. They know the regional business community and local insurance coverage needs.

Years of service from the brokerage has shown New Yorkers what ethical and proactive small business insurance advice means. Today, clients throughout the region entrust their business protection to the Zupnick professionals.

Valuable Business Affiliations

Over the years, Mr. Zupnick has built his own team dedicated to risk analysis, insurance packaging, and carrier relations. But, Zupnick & Associates connections extend well beyond its own brokerage team.

Well-Known in the Insurance Industry

Insurance brokerage requires solid relationships with insurance carriers. With Mr. Zupnick’s long history in the industry, he knows the best. His team also understands which insurance providers provide the best coverage and prices.

Best of all, they know how to negotiate the perfect benefits and protection package for your type of business. Their healthy relationships with carrier partners mean, for your business, the best insurance for your needs and significant savings.

Members of the New York Area Business Community

Mr. Zupnick and his staff also make up a part of the New York area business community. Hence, the Zupnick team understands the world of commerce and industry.

Their experience and background mean perfect benefits package customization for clientele. And they’re ready for clients from diverse industries. Z&P clients include businesses of many backgrounds, including, …

  • hospitality

  • real estate

  • facility management

  • contractors

  • food franchises

As a skilled NYC businessman himself, Eliezer Zupnick understands small business needs. And, through the coronavirus crises and others, he and his team have marched forward.

Focus on Small Businesses

Does your business employ 50 employees or fewer? Then, it aligns perfectly with the existing Zupnick & Associates clientele.

Small enterprise staff appreciate the brokerage staff for several reasons. First, all business persons like an honest and ethical teammate. Secondly, Z&P offers a broad spectrum of policies and benefits packages specifically for each business situation. Finally, because the brokerage team knows Tri-State area business, they speak your language.

Qualified Experts in the Post-COVID World

Zupnick and Associates have continued working throughout the COVID pandemic. Its team wants to see the Tri-State region back on its feet too. And, in these turbulent times, business owners need an insurance broker on their side.

So, more than ever, the Zupnick team invites small business owners. Get in touch with one of its qualified experts for free business insurance consultations. 

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