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(By Louis Toffoli)


Firing an employee is never an easy task. Despite the discomfort, firing etiquette is crucial for an amicable outcome… Unfortunately, some HR reps and CEOs don’t follow proper firing etiquette and HR skills. 

This article will cover three firing employees video examples that show the wrong way to let an employee go from a workplace. 


CEO Fires 900 Employees Over a Zoom Call CEO fires more than 900 employees on a single Zoom call.

One of the most recent and worst examples of what you shouldn’t do when firing someone happened with the CEO of Vishal Garg is the CEO of an online mortgage lending company that helps simplify the mortgage lending process. 

Unfortunately, he made a firing mistake that featured him on the national news showcasing his improper firing etiquette. In December 2021, Vishal talked to his employees over a Zoom video call. 

A few weeks before Christmas, Vishal Garg fired over 900 employees during a brief video call. Employees were shocked as they were publicly fired with no prior warning over this Zoom call.

Several mistakes were made during this firing process, with the main one being the lack of transparency. Vishal did not speak on how the selections of firing employees were made or the reasoning behind his decision. 

Additionally, he left no words of encouragement or the next steps that the employees could take after the call. There were a lot of lessons on what not to do during the firing process shown in this video. 

After this incident, Vishal Garg stepped down from his CEO position and being the face of the company. This is an excellent reminder to fire employees in private and take a more personal approach. 

Owner Fires Employee Publicly in Front of Customers

Man gets fired from his job for filling out an application at another job by his boss.

Being fired from a job is already an upsetting experience for employees. However, some bosses can worsen the experience by firing someone publicly. The video shown above is an extreme example of an employee being fired in front of a group of others. 

The business owner caught an employee filling out an application for another job. After noticing what the employee was doing, he created a scene as he scolded the employee in front of customers. 

Once the owner told him he was fired, he continued by letting the business know that the employee was a bad worker. This situation could have been handled much better, opting to fire him in private. 

The owner could have also left out the insulting words and comments, which isn’t beneficial communication in any way. Employees would much rather hear why they are being fired respectfully and professionally. 


Walmart Manager Harasses and Fires Employee 

Walmart Co-Manager termination / Harassment

In this final bad example of firing an employee, we have a Walmart manager who fired an employee accused of disobeying orders. There are a lot of mistakes made during this video, with most of them being the result of the manager losing his temper. 

One of the biggest errors in this video is the manager grabs the employee’s vest to remove it forcibly. The manager was not thinking clearly during this situation and needed to collect his thoughts before making decisions. 

The firing process was not well thought out, and the manager fired the employee without prior preparation. If it is considered wrongful termination, this could cost up to $40,000 in states like California. 

When firing an employee for improper conduct, the proper way is to speak to them and have them explain themselves. You can fire someone by calmly assessing the situation without creating a big scene. 

In The End, 

we’re all just people, and all want to be treated with respect. We also see it’s poor relationship skills that cause manager to fire employees with such poor propriety, but being empathetic may be the stronger lesson here.

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