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Administrators know the importance of employment engagement ideas to help your employees receive solid, tangible benefits. Tangible benefits incentivize them as loyal employees.

Worksite benefits encourage positive attitudes. They help them enjoy their work more than ever.

Your employees’ corporate insurance policy provides such incentives, and your team members should take advantage of them. Utilized effectively, they give your staff important, timely monetary benefits when they most need them.

Why Focus Employee Engagement Ideas on their Insurance Brokerage?

Employee engagement ideas for your client centered insurance brokerage build employee loyalty and enthusiasm. Because your company and employees already pay for them, engagement requires little additional effort or cost.

Employee engagement ideas involving company insurance provides your team members with financial benefits they will enjoy and understand along with their families. That takes your incentives into the most important part of their lives: health, family, and economy. It touches their hearts.

Your brokerage handles key emotional and financial incentives for your staff:

  • Helping employees manage their healthcare budget

  • Easing their compliance and reporting burden

  • Engaging them and personalizing open enrollment

  • Customizing services to control costs

  • providing optimal assistance and benefits materials

These work-site perks make life easier for your employees and their families. Best of all, they come as part of your company’s insurance, which you and your employees already pay.

Your accountant will be happy because you optimize fund use. Your CEO and CMO will be pleased because they provide critical worksite benefits without additional personnel workload.

Employee Engagement Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Insurance Broker

As an engaged business leader, you know your team works hard to benefit employees, investors, and other stakeholders. That’s why it’s important to focus employee engagement on the insurance policies that your business and staff have already purchased. Here are some employee engagement ideas to get the best worksite benefits with their policies:

1. Encourage Employee Engagement with Their Broker

Employees may not understand that their leaders really want the best for them. They may hesitate to take time from assigned work to learn more about their worksite benefits.

Be sure to tell them how their worksite perks support the business plan. Ensure that employees have an allotted time to talk to their broker during open enrollment.

Have them sign in when they meet the broker, and personally thank them when they do so. Tell them that they should regularly talk to their broker and use the website to learn about benefits.

If the broker offers online reading materials, webcasts, or videos, also ask your employees to take time to read them. Let them know that it’s ok, and even expected of them, to review the materials.

2. Build Employee Loyalty Through Friendly Worksite Perks Discussions

Encourage employee loyalty by gathering employees in a friendly, semi-formal meeting. Engage employees, asking them to talk about their experiences with insurance related worksite perks.

Tell your employes what you would like to achieve in the meeting. Ask them for their ideas. Encouraging employee involvement in the planning process builds employee loyalty.

Offer beverages and snacks, or arrange to meet in an unusually interesting place. Try somewhere they don’t usually associate with meetings, like in a picnic area or the company reception area.

3. Help Employees Understand that You Value Their Benefits

Help your players understand that you want their employee engagement ideas and participation. Encourage involvement by asking people from different areas of the company to share experiences and talk about employee incentives they actually received as worksite benefits.

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