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( By Elton Mwangi)

Since the confirmed death toll has hit 1000, the COVID-19 virus is continuously creating uncertainty in the United States. Additionally, hospital resources are scarce. This means that only a limited number of people can be tested for the virus. What’s more, it’s extremely important to learn how to check for coronavirus risk-free.

As a result, hospitals are designating tests for already symptomatic patients. But as a business owner, you know your business performs better with healthy employees. And during these troubling and uncertain times, you strive to ensure that your employees receive ultimate safety standards. 

Therefore, you are bound to look for different methods on how to check for coronavirus risk-free.

Your answer lies in telemedicine.

Telemedicine is currently helping the fight against the novel coronavirus by offering access to health services without exposure to the virus.

At Zupnick and Associates, we help your business by offering our integrated premier benefits admin services. We help by connecting you to the right company for your custom telemedicine needs.

How It Works

The quarantine measures carried out by the United States government is making trips to hospitals difficult. Moreover, since the COVID-19 is transmitted through person to person proximity or contact, going to the hospital for diagnosis or treatment is risky.

At Zupnick and Associates, we show you how to check for coronavirus risk-free by connecting you to administrative services that offer telemedicine. We start by considering your needs and then matching you to our most suitable affiliate telemedicine company.

We also consider the type of technology, communication interphase, and response time you prefer. For instance, if you want your employees to find readily available diagnoses in real-time through their webcam, we ensure that is what you get. 

Save Business Time and Money

Regardless of the information shared by WHO concerning the coronavirus symptoms, your employees can panic if they have few ailments like the flu. But not all conditions require a visit to the doctor.

Zupnick and Associates will provide your company with benefits admin services that offer convenient and quick telemedicine care. We have options with online physicians at any time of the day. 

Therefore, through Zupnick and Associates, your employees will get free access to these physicians any time through video, internet, or phone. This will save you working time and money because you will not have an employee with a suspicious symptom running to be tested in a hospital.

Instead, they can conveniently seek consultation and diagnosis from their location. This is also an effective method on how to check for coronavirus risk-free since it limits human proximity. Besides, avoiding unnecessary doctor appointments and costly co-pays will save you some business money.

We Consider Your Insurance

The benefits admin services integrated with Zupnick and Associates accept different employer insurance covers. Therefore, we make it our mission to pair your company with the service that aligns with your health insurance policy.

This saves you the time you take visiting one website after another trying to determine which telemedicine company will accept your business health insurance. 

Moreover, with the new support the Trump administration is giving to the telehealth services, we consider whether your employees can benefit from their Medicare. A Medicare plan can reduce your employer insurance cost or waive it altogether.

We Ensure Security

The Trump administration has already waived some of the federal laws that protect the privacy of the patient. As a business owner or HR personnel, you want your employees to get tested while maintaining their confidentiality.

We understand this. As a result, we have ensured that our benefits admin services provide the privacy and security of your employees. We provide you with services that guarantee security features, such as encrypted data transmission. 

We also provide that our integrated benefits admin services work in good faith. Zupnick and Associates also plays the part by offering you caution when using platforms such as Skype that can put your security at risk. 


Testing for coronavirus is proving to be a challenge in many health care facilities. You can reduce the risk for your employers by taking advantage of our Zupnick and Associates integrated benefits and admin services. 

We start by considering your needs. We then provide a solution that is custom to your requirements. We also offer you telemedicine services that will save you some business money and time. 

We go further by looking at your employer’s insurance as well as the company’s necessity for security and privacy before we direct you to a telemedicine company. With Zupnick and Associates, you can be sure to get tested for COVID-19 in a safe and convenient space. 

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