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 (By: Brittany Brooks)


Shopping around for health insurance for your employees can be tedious and complicated. Working with a health insurance broker gives you lower rates, the right plan for your company, and saves you time.

A health benefits broker is a licensed professional who works directly with insurance carriers. They work with multiple health insurance carriers to provide you a wide range of options that best fit your company.

Without a health insurance broker, you’re stuck wading through the research and comparison of different plans. What’s worse? There’s a chance you might not pick what’s truly beneficial for your employees.

Brokers use their knowledge and expertise to help you make well-informed decisions, but that’s not all brokers bring to the table.

The biggest advantage of using a benefits broker is the relationships they build with health insurance carriers. Because of these relationships you gain access to lower premium rates and various health coverage options.

Building relationships with various health insurance companies allows them to:

  • Work better for you
  • Give you options and comparisons
  • Save time and money

69% of business owners choose to use a health benefits broker

What Their Relationships Do for You

Benefit Brokers Work for You

Since benefits brokers work with multiple health insurance carriers, they aren’t directly associated with anyone specifically. They build relationships with many carriers to give you benefits you wouldn’t get privately.

They represent you when they negotiate terms and costs, not the insurance company. This way, they look for policies that fit your particular set of circumstances.

As a business owner or decision-maker, we may not know all of the risks and liabilities within our organization. Health plans have varying limits, costs, guidelines, and exclusions. Each factor is taken into account before the broker presents any policies to you.

Using a broker reduces the burden of researching a myriad of companies offering various policies. Benefits brokers also build relationships with local markets. For instance, if you’re looking for Brooklyn health insurance, you would be able to find a broker within your area.

You would also receive the same level of expertise and access to connections within that market.

Options & Comparisons

When you approach a health insurance carrier directly, you can only choose from the healthcare plans they offer. A health insurance broker allows you to compare between many companies and different plans.

Versus an insurance company where you’ll be limited to a few choices. You think you’re choosing a good plan, but it’s not a suitable plan for your company’s needs. More options give you a little more control over what’s best for your company.

Take advantage of broker relationships and expertise to navigate through the red tape and complexity of health insurance.

Benefits Brokers:

  • Advise you with the knowledge of your needs and what matches them
  • Help you avoid shopping around on your own
  • Offer a variety of options for you to compare

Saves You Cost & Time

Signing up for healthcare plans with health insurance carriers isn’t always cheaper. Health insurance brokers build relationships with different carriers to offer you lower rates. Brokers offer rates from multiple insurers to find what corresponds with your budget, needs, and situation. One of the reasons insurance carriers offer brokers lower premiums is because the risk of filing unnecessary claims is decreased.

Benefits brokers are professionally trained in risk assessments, guidelines, and selecting the right amount of coverage. Which allows insurance carriers to give them discounts on coverage.

Using a broker saves you time as well. They make sure your policy is current, within legislation, and watch out for any tax changes. If you’re looking for a broker, it’s easy and quick to get a consultation and quote.

If you already have a broker, they assist you with what you need for your policy and get you through the claim process. Decision making can be a little faster, since you don’t have to worry about all the moving parts.

If you need help with health insurance, employee benefits, or any other business insurance, contact us here

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