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When open enrollment comes around it’s important that your benefits admins have the insurance plans and benefits information in front of your employees to help them make the best decisions. Employees who understand their plans and how to get the most out of their benefits feel better about themselves and their family’s security. That means that they have more energy to focus and dedicate to their work and personal goals.

Benefits of On-Site Benefits Admins

Having on-site benefits admins helps companies and business in a number of ways. Here are some of the principal advantages:

A Familiar Single Point of Contact for Employees

When you have benefits admins on-site, your employees have the opportunity to meet them in person. When they understand that there’s a familiar face they can go to, they feel extra security and less anxiety associated with getting their policy benefits.


Familiarity encourages engagement. Employees who know their policy administrator are more likely to take advantage of their insurance benefits. An on-site admin reduces the barrier that sometimes keeps employees from asking questions to resolve their issues and problems.


On Site Admins Make Benefits Policy Understandable

You know that anyone who does not deal with benefits policies can find them intimidating. Even the mention of “policy” can make them wary. But, businesses that take advantage of on-site admins can help turn policy legal-talk into words that your staff understands.


It doesn’t matter if you’re business focuses on executive training or automotive maintenance, on-site admins can help translate policy into the language that your staff speaks. An administrator within your group can meet and understand each individual and prepare for the questions or issues typical of that employee.

On-Site Admins Employ Intimate Knowledge of Plans and Benefits

On-site admins specialize in understanding our plans and benefits and know how to communicate that knowledge to your business’ policy holders. That detailed knowledge can help your employees enjoy the maximum benefits from their insurance coverage.


Your staff will appreciate their detailed knowledge and feel greater support when they actually have to exercise those benefits. By making informed choices with the help of their admin, they’ll see greater savings and fewer complications related to their coverage.

Less Open Enrollment Pressure for Your HR Team

If your Human Resources (HR) staff currently handles your company’s insurance needs, you know that they have heavy work loads. In addition, because they work with sensitive issues, like interpersonal conflicts, HIPPA Policies, and payroll situations, the intensity of some of their tasks can pull their attention away from insurance policy during open enrollment periods and other critical moments.

On-Site Admins Help Businesses Focus on Better Employee Plans

On-site admins understand company needs and demographics. By seeing your employees in their workplace, administrators directly observe employee needs and learn about employee life-styles. These observations help them concentrate on the insurance plans that best suit them.


For example, warehousing company employees will have needs distinct from those in communications operations. On-site admins in each type of business can see these needs and help employees get optimal plans to meet them.


On-Site Benefits Admins for Your Business

On-site benefits admins help your employees and your business because they encourage the development of more efficient interaction between the employees and their policies. That sort of relationship plays an especially important role during open enrollment. Greater engagement means that employees enjoy better policy fit and refined benefit use.h

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