7 Big Reasons to Hire a Small Insurance Broker - Zupnick Associates

Thinking about …

  • changing your company’s insurance?

  • coverage for a big business and its employees?

Consider looking into a small insurance broker. Here’s why…

1. A Small Insurance Broker: Fitting Your Big Business

Insurance brokers have experience dealing with insurers and big businesses. They can tailor options to get the best fit for your corporate business. That’s their specialty.

They know your peers and competitors and which policies make them happy and which leave them empty-handed. Studying and comparing policies on your own cannot beat a local insurance broker’s experience.

2. Local Insurance Brokers: Insurance Regulation Expertise

One-size-fits-all policies from national insurers force policyholders adapt nationwide or even around the world. Just like a one-size-fits-all shirt, it just doesn’t look good on anyone.

When Hurricane Sandy visited Lower Manhattan some businesses sunk, and others stayed high and dry. Being a local broker means knowing exactly how protection from flooding you’ll need in your neighborhood.

Conversely, a big insurance company that outsources its sales to overseas representatives might just sock you with its standard cost. Even if your block has never flooded, you’ll be paying the same premiums as high-risk policyholders.

3. Insurance Brokers Cut Full Coverage Deals

Cookie cutter insurance packages from big brand insurance companies may not know where to nip and tuck your premiums to ensure you full coverage at a reasonable price. Do you want your employees driving around with only liability insurance because they cannot afford collision?

A more personable insurance broker will take the time to detect coverage gaps. A quick response can help cut a deal that makes full coverage affordable.

4. Insurance Brokers Advocate for Big Business Customers

Keeping big business owners happy costs less than recruiting new ones. A small broker will advocate for large businesses to ensure satisfaction. Local brokers understand the importance of advocating for big businesses and keeping them on-board. You’ll enjoy personal, direct contact and a broker who knows your name.

5. Small Insurance Brokers Deliver Operational Efficiency

Small brokers do not have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees like inefficient big insurance companies. If a large business insurance policy managed by a local independent broker needs attention, you can bet that everyone in the office is on it.

This same efficiency earns them carrier trust. Often they’ll offer brokers commission on their insurance products. That means savings on your books.

6. Benefits from Your Local Insurance Broker Network

“Trouble comes in threes.” Well, maybe it does, or maybe it doesn’t. However, when a policy glitch does occur, you can be sure that your broker’s office will work hard to prevent your business from having the problem again.

You’ll get the heads up for any needed policy change: coverage before issues turn up. Your broker will also pass on tips and savings from deals with neighboring businesses. National policy issuers, on the other hand, may take years to respond and pass on the savings.

7. Personalized Service

All six reasons, above, say it, but it’s worth clarifying. Working with a small nearby insurance broker means working with someone who may already know office or shop on your sales floor. Just like a neighbor, a local broker has a vested interest in your business and community.

Regardless of whether you seek insurance coverage for your big business or just want to look into making some changes in your current policy, talk with a local or regional firm about it. A local insurance broker can deliver your company closely matched insurance coverage at a reasonable price. The flexibility of a small insurance broker can keep your claims running smoothly.

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