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(By: Brittany Brooks)


We’ll start by apologizing right not for subjecting you to the world of TikTok, we know what you’re thinking, please don’t make me do this. But we must admit, not all of TikTok is bad, there are a few relatable accounts worth taking a look.

We found some of the best HR TikTokers to follow right now. They’re not just random people, they have worked in the human resources industry for years as employees, managers, consultants, or employment lawyers.

You’ll find hilarious HR videos about what it’s like interviewing certain candidates and what it’s like to work in HR in general. There are some quick educational videos that explain employment law and what to do in certain situations.


So let’s start with…

  •  HR Manifesto

TikTok Handle: @hrmanifesto

HR Manifesto is fairly new to TikTok, but she’s far from being new in the HR industry. The creator’s real name is Leigh and she started this TikTok account back in June this year, 2021, and it has taken off rapidly. She’s worked as an HR executive for 15 years for different Fortune 100 companies.

Followers send her other TikTok videos and ask if they are ‘HR Approved’, long story short, most of them are not. She also makes content about the sad and funny realities of working in HR with a real ‘no BS’ approach.

Outside of TikTok, she’s currently an HR consultant for her own company, HR Manifesto.

  •  Your Human Resources Bestie

TikTok Handle: @hanner_the_HR_lady

This account is also known as Hanner The HR Lady and it’s for those of us in the trenches of HR every day. If you’re a CEO, owner, or in upper management and want to know what your HR staff is going through, follow her.

She does go by Hanner and she’s worked as an HR employee for a few years now. She has a more satirical account that relates to what happens in the real life of HR, like when a manager wants to fire the same employee they just promoted.

  •  People Culture Collective

TikTok Handle: @peopleculturecollective

The People Culture Collective is an Australian HR account that shows you the struggles of HR are everywhere regardless of the country. The creator is Veronica and she’s been in the HR industry for over 10 years as an HR leader and manager.

Her content shows what it’s like from all sides of HR: talking with managers, recruiting candidates, speaking with our peers, and overthinking everything we do. Her TikTok account has been around a little longer, so she has a lot of content to choose from and creates new content regularly.

  •  Your HR Friend

TikTok Handle: @vicky.hr

The creator of Your HR Friend holds nothing back and says just about everything we wish we could. Her name is Vicky and she’s been an HR manager for over 7 years. 

Vicky’s content is for our recruiters and HR staff looking for potential candidates, but she also has a lot of gut-busting content to go along with it. She shares relatable HR anecdotes and moments, the only thing that makes them funnier is how much truth comes from them. 

Like how it feels when a new hire works out or when a manager likes your candidate, but still wants to see more candidates.

She also advises employees looking for work to help them with their resumes, interview tips, and how to answer certain questions.

  •  The Labor Lawyer

TikTok Handle: @attorneyryan

Now, for the ones who are big on facts, we’d like you to meet attorney Ryan Styger. He’s the creator of the account The Labor Lawyer and he has specialized in employment law for the last few years.

His videos may not be as funny as the other creators listed, but his facts, knowledge, and experience more than make up for it. Ryan’s content gets right to the point and doesn’t miss a beat.

You’ll find videos on employment violations, stipulations, and laws. The content is directed toward employees, but they are good videos for managers, owners, and HR staff to watch. The situations he discusses in his content are HR mistakes we could run into and possibly avoid.


This is a shortlist of TikTok creators who make hilarious HR videos that provide a look into our HR lives. We hope these give you a break from the mundane and show you that you’re not alone in your HR struggles and that TikTok maybe isn’t all that bad.

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