3 of HR's Biggest Struggles in 2019 - Zupnick Associates

A growing pain of going from a small business to being considered a “big business” is the addition of an HR department.

It’s a congratulatory moment as well as a daunting one, much like reaching the top Everest.

As discussed in our article  HR – The New C-Suite, the HR department’s work is defined by administrative tasks that involve documenting grievances, terminations, absences, performance reports, and compensation and benefits information, in addition to often being involved in recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.

In other words, HR departments are already inundated with work.

How Do We Help Solve Some of HR’s Biggest Struggles?

  1. Valuable employee retention

The best and most straightforward route to take for the best employee retention are benefits, plain and simple.

Time and again, we see the importance candidates place on employee benefits, and keeping valuable employees you’ve already hired is no different. Offering unique benefits, based on unique or individual circumstances, is, by far, the most effective way to retain valuable employees, secure new valuable hires, and to keep morale high. 

Considering global events, offer rotating benefits. Considering individual circumstances, offer unique benefits to the employee in question with a customized plan. All is possible with a strong broker at your side.

  1. Work-Life Balance

Another of HR’s biggest struggles is related to work-life balance.

As our world advances technologically, and people enter the workforce with a desire to retain more control over their environment and life, a common theme among employees is seeking to work from home, or on their own selected hours. The work-life balance is more and more of a concern to employees, with companies strongly considering – and some even adopting – a four-day work week, we see the landscape of the traditional work week changing.

A strong compensatory feature to consider when offering employees leeway to support their work-life balance is to offer voluntary benefits that would benefit themselves and their families most.

  1. Effective Harassment Resolution

Whether it’s outlined and practiced or not, it’s the responsibility of HR to handle sexual and other forms of harassment in the workplace. Complaints are often made but not dealt with, and more often than not, complaints are not made at all. 

Our on-site health advocacy program offers employees a happy medium for reporting harassment. Since our health advocate is on-site and dealing with the needs and demands that will be considered in a company’s benefits packages, some employees find it easier to talk to the third party who can then speak with the heads of department directly. 

If it’s not already, put effective harassment resolution on the top of your list of things to improve in your business, and you will see your employees’ attitudes and retentions improve immediately.

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